We provide the most comprehensive and effective suite of behavioral health services in West Texas.


During my stay at Abilene I learned how to cope with my feelings, which allowed me to thrive in my recovery.

- Lauren B.

Why Choose Abilene?

You won't find a more caring or experienced team of professionals outside of the Abilene staff. Abilene's services encompass the entire spectrum of care, from our outpatient clinic where you can see a therapist on a regular basis, through our inpatient program for crisis stabilization. This approach allows Abilene to tailor a unique treatment plan for every one of our patients, and most importantly, to see the treatment plan through. This is true care continuity in the best interests of our patients, families, and our community.

Welcome to Abilene.

Abilene Behavioral Health is a community-focused hospital and treatment center with a singular, all-encompassing goal of providing superior care to children and adults, men and women, seeking help for mental health concerns or substance abuse.

To achieve our goals of individualized, compassionate care, we have many specific programs built around the differing needs of our patients and their families. On the broadest level we have special programming for children (aged 5 to 12), adolescents (13 to 17), adults (18 to 64), and seniors (65+). These discrete age groups have their own needs and issues best addressed through differing treatment modalities.

Each one of these age groups can further move through our entire continuum of care, based entirely on what their specific needs may be. If they require immediate crisis stabilization, we have our inpatient treatment center; if around-the-clock supervision is not required, we have PHP and IOP programs. Abilene also has a full-service clinic staffed with skilled therapists for less intensive outpatient support.

Abilene offers special tracks for the specific types of issues that a patient may have: some may be struggling with drug addiction and require detox, others may have psychiatric or mood issues such as depression, bipolar disorder, suicidal ideations, or schizophrenia.

All of our treatment programs share the vision of superior, community-focused care.

To learn more about how Abilene can help your or a loved one, call one of our Admissions counselors for a free, confidential screening.