Children’s Treatment

Specially designed for children ages 5-12, the Abilene Behavioral Health Children’s Program provides a controlled and structured environment for children experiencing emotional and behavioral difficulties. Through group, expressive, and play therapies, patients begin to learn healthy behaviors to help them cope with their issues.

At Abilene Behavioral Health, we view the child as part of a system, and therefore highly encourage family involvement during the hospitalization process. Family therapy sessions are scheduled through the case management department, and Multifamily Groups are held on campus so that patients’ families can ask general questions about their child’s inpatient experience.

A vital part of a patient’s success upon discharge from Abilene Behavioral Health is the Aftercare Plan. Upon a child’s discharge, the family will be given referrals for outpatient providers to follow up with on an ongoing basis. Aftercare Plans are based on individual need and may involve follow up with an outpatient therapist and psychiatrist.

Behavior Modification

The premise of Behavior Modification is that alterations in behavior occur when positive behavior is rewarded and negative behavior is reprimanded. Therefore, our program is based on a basic level system in which children earn additional privileges guided by their behavior during hospitalization. Conversely, additional privileges are removed when children display negative and oppositional behavior.

Specifically, children will have the ability to move forward and backward across three levels depending on their choices and the consequences related to those choices. Children will be appropriately held accountable for their behavior by the multi-disciplinary treatment team. The level system is directly related to a child’s treatment plan and his or her engagement in treatment. Children enter the unit on the highest level and can either stay at that level or move to a lower level depending on his or her behavior.

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